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Auto Electrical Systems Repair

A vehicle's electrical system is very important to its operation as it is managing several critical parts that operate all other components related to electrical needs. We specialize in electrical diagnostic, rebuilding automotive parts, diagnostic and repair of auto electric parts, charging system analysis, remanufactured alternator/starter, and electrical tune ups. We will check your computer electronics charging system, starting system, lights, and turn signals for electrical shorts and open circuits. Our certified technicians have a deep understanding of the demands for such specialized equipment.

Our expert auto electricians will use state of the art, diagnostic equipment to find your auto electrical problems and our team will then repair any problems quickly. We also specialize in professional installations of stereo systems and we are able to provide full servicing, maintenance and installation of Electronic Brake Systems.

Our electrical repairs services include troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for all of the electrical components in the entire truck & bus electrical systems.

Our services cover:

  • Alternators
  • Starter Motors
  • Batteries
  • Electronic Engine Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Anti-lock Braking Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Driving Lights
  • LED Lighting
  • Auto Electrical Accessories
  • Electric Brake Controllers
  • Wiring Repairs
  • Workshop Services
  • On-site Breakdown Services
  • Spare Parts

Auto Pneumatic Systems Repair

At FH PARTS, we are fully equipped to handle all your truck & bus inspection and repair needs. We repair all hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems, at our shop or on your premises. We specialize in installation and commissioning, plus existing system repair and overhaul, Pneumatic systems calibration and repair as well as troubleshooting systems of the trucks & buses. We service your trucks & buses, trailers, construction equipment, and all other equipment. If you are not able to bring your equipment in, we have field service technicians who can do repairs on site. Our top priority is to ensure hydraulic, pneumatic and automation machines and systems are kept in top condition.

Our maintenance offering comprises:

  • Complete maintenance and service contracts for pneumatic systems
  • Replacement components, calibration, analysis and fault finding
  • Onsite servicing and maintenance